Saint Patrick’s day sale

St Patrick steroids sale BESTGEAR

Hello dear friends. As usual on national holidays we prepare some small present from us - coupon with discount.


20% off on every product on website, for total in cart, for both warehouses: International and US domestic.

Just add in cart this coupon - patr20 and you will have -20% for your total in cart.

Unfortunately this time discount coupon only for bitcoin payments. No min orders for bitcoin.

We have some problems with western union and moneygram transfers (problems at our main place where we collecting it).

Coupon will work till the end of Sunday (21 March).


And unfortunately we will must to setup for regular orders also minimum order 200$ for moneygram and western union transfers.

When we will fix all back, we will delete min order (bitcoin no min orders as usual). For years we work without minimum order and will do it in future also.


Best regard, BESTGEAR!





Below will be some advices about how to setup bitcoin, it is really easy, all what you need - credit card or bank account. You will use exchangers which will transfer your money from credit card or bank account to bitcoin, believe me it is easy. You just need to do one time verification, all next transfers you will do within seconds. Bitcoin is 100% anonymous, fast and discreet. You do not needed to wait for collecting money, your transfer will be sent/received instantly.. So few advices about exchangers:

To send bitcoins use CashApp service, it is really easy to use. (if you first time using CashApp you need to make verification, next all your transaction will be instant). Video instruction for Cash App how to transfer bitcoins:

Or Paybis service, it is also really easy to use with your credit card. Fast verification, easy to navigate. Make sure you chose correct bitcoin there - BTC (not BCH for example, BCH is bitcoin cash, it is different cryptocurrency). Video instruction for Paybis how to transfer bitcoins:

Also you can use Moonpay. You can pay there even with Apple Pay. Verification take only about 30 minutes and needed only first time.

Coinbase as variant too. But if you make first transfer there, they can block it till 7 days for security.

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