If you using email as hotmail, outlook, msn, live (microsoft emails) - you can not receive automatic email from website. Email with payment instructions will come to spam/junk folder, same about email with tracking number. Use please any other email instead of microsoft emails to place order on website to be in touch with us on 100%. Also it is worst emails provider for security reason to order steroids online...



1) How can I make order in your shop?

You must choose interesting products, choose quantity, then press ADD TO CART, after you must press VIEW CART  and you will come to Checkout menu. There you must enter BILLING & SHIPPING information (type there your address for delivery: your name, country, city, postal/zip code and your valid email address. Email address important, we will contact to you there), then choose your way of payment (MoneyGram, Western Union or Bitcoin) and press PLACE ORDER. After you place your order on your email will come automatic message with your order. Do not needed to ask us where you will find info for payment, after we will receive your order, in short time we will send you information of payment (BTC address or info for WU/MG transfer).

Please make sure you enter correct address for delivery and name. We can’t help you if order will come on wrong address.


2) How do you ship your orders?

We have 2 warehouses - first is International (worldwide), Airmail shipping. Second warehouse - USA Domestic, shipping from inside USA and only to USA addresses, shipping with USPS priority 2 days.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (Shipping to all countries, 100% delivery guaranty to USA)

Products in Stock: Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratories, Canada Peptides, Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (ZPHC) and Spectrum Pharma

US DOMESTIC SHIPPING: (No customs controls, only for USA addresses)

Products in Stock: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (ZPHC), Spectrum Pharma.


3) How much delivery will cost аfor me?

Airmail shipping (Worldwide)/USPS priority shipping (USA Domestic)
Price: $25

Order's sent from International warehouse (100% delivery guaranty to USA) or USA Domestic warehouse.


4) How long is the delivery time after payment received?    

In general, delivery times are:

Regular Postal Shipping:
Worldwide: 10-31 days (average 12-20 days). Shipping time up to 10 days. Tracking numbers for International 2-3 days after shipping.

USPS shipping (USA domestic orders):
US Warehouse : 3-6 business days. Shipping every 2-3d day, usps priority 2 days.

5) Signature required for orders in USA? Do you ship to PO boxes?

US Domestic orders - no, signature do not needed! Courier will drop your parcel at your address.
Yes, we ship to PO boxes from US Domestic stock.
International orders to USA: mailman will bring your parcel to your address, if you will be out of home or you will not open your door or something else he will leave you notification, then you must to go USPS office and take your parcel (also you can ask for redelivery once from USPS website). All orders has discreet packaging, you can not scare to go in USPS office and pick up your parcel if you miss mailman. If parcel passing customs and come with USPS to you, it can’t be any problems. International orders can be also shipped to PO boxes.

6) Do you send tracking number after shipping ?

Yes, we always send tracking numbers, does not matter from where shipping is International or USA Domestic, you will always have your tracking number.
International tracking numbers 2-3 days after shipping.

7) Do you reship seized/lost/broken orders?

Yes, we reship seized packages 100% once for free. we have 100% guaranteed shipping to USA.

If your order will be seized you need to send us the seizure letter, if seizure do not understandable from the tracking status. After seizure letter we will reship your order for free.

We do not reship to the following high risk countries: Australia,Canada, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, Israel, Scandinavian Countries and Finland.
If you have strict customs, bad passing rate to your country, regular seizures - you must tell about it before ordering or ask us about rates to your country.

We can not control if USPS for example will lost your parcel, we do not reship lost parcels or parcels shipped on not correct address given by customer. We will give you 100% guarantee we sent your order correct to the address given for us in your order, there can not be mistakes from our side.

We will reship for free broken/missed items only in case if you will send for us video with unpacking your parcel .


8) How can I pay my order?

You can pay with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. After placed order we will send you information for payments (we doing it manually so please wait email with btc address). Bitcoin or some other crypto is best way to pay fast and safe, after you choosing bitcoin as payment method, we will send you via email our bitcoin wallet address or some other crypto address which needed for you.


To send bitcoins use Cash App service, it is really easy to use. (if you first time using CashApp you need to do identity with ur ID, next all your transactions will be instant). Video instruction for Cash App how to transfer bitcoins - https://youtu.be/R69YqvtZ4_M

Or Paybis service, it is also really easy to use with your credit card. Fast verification, easy to navigate. Make sure you chose correct bitcoin there - BTC (not BCH for example, BCH is bitcoin cash, it is different cryptocurrency). Video instruction for Paybis how to transfer bitcoins - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhg_pvk4w5E

Also you can use Moonpay. You can pay there even with Apple Pay. Verification take only about 30 minutes and needed only first time.

Coinbase as variant too. But if you make first transfer there, they can block it till 7 days for security.




9) Can I pay MoneyGram or Western Union online or I should go to the store?

You can send transfer online, but please know it may have big risks of transfer blocking. MG and WU fighting against carding, so they can block your transfer for your security. So best one way you must go to the store and send your transfer there.


10) Can I mix products from USA Domestic warehouse and International warehouse?

Yes, you can. But you will receive 2 orders from different warehouses. You will pay only one time for shipping 25$, second delivery will be for free.


11) How can I know you are legit and you will send my order without scam?

We are official distributors of ZPHC and Spectrum Pharma and long time already in this business. We have perfect reputation, all our customers always satisfied. We are represented on biggest boards and have 0 bad reviews or feedbacks about our services and products, you can easy check it personally and read about our services.

official distributor of zphc

Also watch please reviews on our source on biggest forums (click on images):