Balkan Pharmaceuticals - is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2006.
The activities of  the company aims to help people to prolong their lives, improve their health, to make them happy. To do this, the company uses the latest research findings in the pharmaceutical field, and offers high-quality products for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Company has introduced to the market of the Republic of Moldova since 2006. In 2009, she recorded some of their drugs on the territory of Ukraine, and since October 2010  Balkan Pharmaceuticals  supplies drugs to public health institutions in Moldova, according to the program of tender procurement. At the same time, the company began to invest in the development of its industrial complex in Singera.

At this point, the company  Balkan Pharmaceuticals  has two production sites which employ 150 professionals. There are doctors, chemists, engineers, mechanics, programmers, engineer - all of them highly qualified specialists. The company's goal is to create in Moldova a qualified, competent staff, meeting all the requirements relating to the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, to increase and maintain the level of training of staff, are periodically invited experienced specialists from Ukraine, Romania and other countries of the European community.

Today the company produces over 220 kinds of medicines in different forms and doses, including anticancer drugs, hormones, drugs beneficial effect on the nervous system, drugs for treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal diseases, drugs with anti-inflammatory, analgetics effects etc.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is real pharma grade manufacturer with real factory and real address. World known number one brand in the world it is all what you need to know about this brand.


SP Laboratories is a grade Pharmacy with a consolidate value and quality of the product. They are health oriented on worldwide medicine and the best results of their patients. Manufacturing process is based on golden rules that are designed to obtain performance in quality, services, hygiene and final patient consumption. SP Laboratories are very firm convinced that providing highly professional services. They give customers the trust and the certainty that SP Laboratories ensures a healthy way of life for patients.

They have the most qualified specialist that prepare unique medicines under special formulas. We guarantee a high level of production and assembling using the latest laboratory technology.

SP Laboratories has a wide range of medicines, specially produced for general health. They have a high developed technology in order to offer their costumers the most premium medical products.

SP Laboratories is a "sister" brand of Balkan Pharma, manufactured on factory, have perfect quality and world known name.


Is a company, a brand with a worldwide reputation in the pharmaceutical industry, which in the first years of operation has proven itself on the market as one of the peptides of the most trusted brands in the industry manufacturers pharmacology. Canada Peptides from year to year maintains a high level of quality of its products. Peptides of this manufacturer are cleaning degree not lower than 97%, trying to adhere indicator in 99% purity. The products are manufactured in modern facilities, Canada Peptides has its own research laboratory. Which confirms the seriousness and the level of the producer.

Recently, the company released a line of Canada Peptides injection pharmacology, which will eventually be expanded.

All products are protected against forgery - the security code from the hologram, which can be checked on the website - and safety valves in the form of holograms void.


European manufacturer of high-level, with an impeccable reputation. In the market of pharmacology in 2014. In 2017, the manufacturer has undergone a rebranding and redesign their products.

Numbers of drugs is increasing rapidly, the product range is impressive. Spectrum Pharma produces a large numbers of specific drugs that are quite difficult to find in the pharmacy market.

There are all the necessary measures to protect against counterfeiting: verification codes, holograms, serial numbers. Even boxes without opening the possibility of unnoticed! Every box have instruction inside.

Check out the original Spectrum Pharma products is the link -

Manufacturing of Spectrum Pharma:


Professionalism in the production of drugs for the sport is not big names and slogans, marketing, and, above all, quality in manufacturing and the presence of a strict laboratory control. Company Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd provides quality control of products at the stage of procurement of raw materials and in the production of finished products.

With the help of high technology and high-quality service company «Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd» has earned a worldwide reputation in the pharmaceutical industry. «Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd» is the leading manufacturer of steroids in China.

On the production capacities of the company employees are highly qualified and are professionals in their field.

For output uses only high quality raw materials, which allows the formulations of the current market requirements. Modern equipment complies with GMP standard.

ZPHC products for a long time spent in the market has had time to prove itself only with the best hand. Reference, stable quality, perfect design - it is Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical.

In the line there are oral and injectable drugs, peptides and growth hormone.

All products are protected against forgery - the security code from the hologram, which can be checked on the website -  and safety valves in the form of holograms void, instructions inside the package.

Manufacturing of ZPHC: