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1) Forever fixed discounts on 5, 10, 15 and 20 pieces in cart(of same position, not total). Just add 5, 10, 15 or 20 pieces of same product in cart and you will have fixed automatic discount.


2) Discount on next order up to 10% for loyal customers. If you leave feedbacks about our service, post photos of your order or some blood work on any board where we are represented you will have discount coupon on your next order. You can check links on our threads on this PAGE(in the end of page)


3) If you want to share blood results on our products, we will compensate it for you with store credit on next order. Also if you want to send our products on test in some lab for HPLC analysis, we will compensate your loses with store credit too!


4) Wholesale offers from 1000$ you can find on this page -


5) Unlimited promo 3+1, free test prop ZPHC for US domestic orders. Buy 3 any pieces of any products from US warehouse and have one test propionate ZPHC for free, buy 6 any products and get 2 test prop for free, buy 9 any pieces and get 3 free test prop, buy 12 get 4 prop for free etc. Example: you can buy 1 dianabol, 1 turinabol, 1 primobolan and get free prop or you can buy 3 test cyp and get 1 prop for free etc. Just write in comments for order "Free prop ZPHC".